About Tang

Tang System-Cargo Online is a sub-system of China Southern Airlines Cargo System and is the general service platform for other airlines, air stations, cargo companies, cargo stations, and cargo agents. China Southern Airlines can supply real-time services to our customers - through WAN - such as flight space direct sales, management of cargo documents, flight and space enquiry and cargo tracking. 
    Main functions of Tang System-Cargo Online: 

    Flight information, reservations with and without AWB No., AWB information, reservation at other cities, Virtual Booking ( ULD reservation and bulk reservation), part-shipment, inquiry, amendment and cancellation of reservation, reservation group handling (applying, canceling reservation, reservation transfer to other flights, reservation express transfer.)

    International and domestic AWB completion, AWB information inquiry and amendment.

    Inquiring AWB information according to AWB No., shipper, and consignee; inquiring flight information, space and reservation information.

Bulletin Management:
    Bulletin inquiry,amendment and adding.

Agent Management:
    Management of fixed data of agents (agent code, name, and background information) statistics and analysis on agent charge rates, shipping information.

Fixed Data Management
    Management of flight schedule, aircraft table, aircraft payload table, city and warehouse location table, ULD table, user table, agent table, VIP customer table, goods code table, carrier table, city operation control.

Flight Management
    Flight space allocation, flight space control, flight closing, flight canceling, reservation control, allocation release, space release and specific flight initialization.

Rate Management
    Direct flight regular direct sales search, direct flight agent rates search, the connection between rates and AWB, the connection between rates and booking.

Skyteam Production Code
    Skyteam production code management ,the connection between Skyteam production code and AWB,the connection between Skyteam production code and BOOKING.

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Business Service

International Cargo
services time:9:00-22:00 , the whole week

  • international departures inquiry:(020)86122128
  • international departures counter:(020)86138563,86138564
  • international arrivals inquiry:(020)86122356
  • services: excluding international booking, the call of the booking service is 86133442

Domestic Cargo
Departure services time:6:00-20:00 , the whole week

Arrival services time:8:00-flight closed , the whole week

  • domestic counter:(020)86123957
  • domestic Departure inquiry:(020)86137224
  • arrival inquiry:(020)86137212(normal)
  • arrival inquiry:(020)86137230(abnormal)
  • services: domestic booking and others

Costumer's Complaints
services time:8:00-flight closed , the whole week

  • Telephone: (020) 86122923
Technical Service

attantion: only the backups about cargo system, net work are available

cargo system support:
service time:8:30-17:30 5 days a week

  • contactor: cargo department e-commence
  • Telephone:(020)86123914,(020)86124690
  • Email: cargo_client@csair.com
  • services: cargo system assistance

cargo spot support
services time:6:00-22:00,the whole week

  • Telephone:(020)86128164
  • services : solve the cargo system problem occer at the guangzhou cargo building
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